Regent House, Trinity College


Trinity College Dublin


Paul Arnold Architects

Refurbishment of Regent House and part of adjacent House 5 (both Protected Structures) to provide improved visitor reception and facilities within the College. The works involve refurbishment of Regent House ground floor entrance and room above, and grand staircase; new coffee station at second floor; new 8 passenger lift serving ground, first and second floor levels and associated adjustments to the basement and adjacent rooms; amended egress from the Boydell Lecture Room; new ground floor WCs accessed through new opening in wall between Regent House Grand Staircase and House 5, and modifications at third floor House 5 to facilitate new egress from Boydell Room, new mechanical & electrical installations, restoration of stone floor including pointing and all associated structural, demolition, restoration works. External works comprise new paving and signage to widened front entrance area and all associated services and making good.